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Florida Personal Injury Lawyer


Trusted Florida Personal Injury Trial Lawyer:

Being injured in an accident can have a drastic affect on your life.  As you begin to recover from your injuries, bills from the hospital, doctors, and personal expenses start piling up.  From your first consultation we truly listen to all your needs and concerns.  Attorney Reese Harvey fights your personal injury lawsuit with experience and confidence, relieving you from the stress of your case so you can concentrate on your recovery.  We have a track record of success defending the rights of personal injury clients just like you and getting the justice you deserve.

Extensive Trial Experience:

Attorney Reese Harvey began his legal career as a Prosecutor in Palm Beach County, giving him trial and courtroom experience that is unmatched by most personal injury trial lawyers.  Reese is a compassionate, tough trial lawyer who gives every client one-on-one attention. Your case will NOT be handled by a team of paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff.  At the Law Offices of Reese Harvey your case will be handled directly by Attorney Reese Harvey.


Attorney Reese Harvey’s success litigating serious personal injury cases in Florida has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients AND the respect of insurance companies.  If you want a good professional Florida personal injury lawyer who is ethical, confident and well-respected in the community call the Law Offices of Reese Harvey today.

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Why Hire A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer?

    • You are likely to receive more money for your injuries when you have an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer who knows how to successfully advocate for your rights.
    • A good Florida personal injury lawyer knows how to force insurance companies to pay the maximum amount of money for your case by personalizing your case to insurance adjustors, forcing them to consider important elements of your case, and showing them how your injuries will be proved to a jury.
    • An experienced personal injury lawyer knows where to look for all the expected AND unexpected sources of money for your injuries.
    • Even if you are not the “suing-type” and don’t want to aggressively go after the insurance company, you should not pay out-of-pocket for injuries caused by someone else.  An good Florida personal injury lawyer will help you get the money you deserve to pay for any expenses and lost income you incurred as a result of your accident.

Reese Harvey, Esq.

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    • We represent our clients from a foundation of experience, integrity, fairness, and respect.
    • We limit the number of cases we accept, ensuring your case gets the personal attention it deserves.
    • We work as a team with our clients and encourage open communication.
    • We have strong financial backing to fight the big insurance companies.
    • We go out of our way to help you in any way we can.


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