Brain Injury Accident

fl brain injury attorney

Having a brain injury is very serious.  Brain injuries are commonly caused by auto accidents, head accidents, falls, and sports-related injuries.  Concussions, periods of unconsciousness, comas, amnesia (memory loss), and paralysis are all obvious indications of a brain injury.  However, sometimes brain injuries go unnoticed by primary care doctors and MRIs because the symptoms might only be showing up as small changes in personality and behavior – changes that even a close family member may not notice.  Contusions (a brain bruise) and hematomas (bleeding in the brain) are two types of brain injuries that might not be immediately obvious.

Cases involving a brain injury should be handled with extreme caution and by an experienced lawyer.  If you believe that you or a loved one have experienced a brain injury as a result of an accident,  you should call The Law Offices of Reese Harvey.  We will make sure that, if you, your family, or friends have noticed small changes in personality or behavior, you get to a specialist that will make an accurate diagnosis and uncover the full extent of your injuries.


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