Dog Bite Accident

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Dog bites are both physically and psychologically traumatic, especially for children who are the most common victims of dog bites.  Some dog bite injuries can cause permanent nerve damage and/or disfigurement which may need long lasting medical treatment.  Additionally, extensive psychological therapy may be needed to heal from the mental trauma.

Many of the biggest questions in dog bite cases center around the insurance.  Does the dog owner have insurance?  How do I find out if the dog owner has insurance?  Does the insurance policy cover injuries, medical bills, and damages caused by dog bites? Is the insurance company trying to deny coverage?

It is important to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and preserve all the evidence.  An experienced attorney can help you get the money you need and deserve for your injuries.  At The Law Offices of Reese Harvey we have over 15 years of practicing law and winning large settlements and verdicts for our clients.


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