PIP law originated in 1972 to ensure anyone injured in an auto accident would quickly get money to treat their injuries. The legislation provided that a driver’s insurance company pay up to $10,000 to cover medical bills and lost wages after an accident, no matter who is at fault.

In March 2012, Governor Rick Scott’s bill to change Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance Law was passed into law. The stated intent of the bill was to limit insurance fraud and reduce your auto insurance premiums for personal injury protection (PIP).  However, the bill also made important changes to your $10,000 PIP benefit.

In order to receive your full PIP benefit of $10,000, this legislation requires anyone who has been injured in an auto accident to get treatment within 14 days from a medical doctor (M.D./D.O.), dentist, a physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner to determine that you have an “emergency medical condition.” Otherwise, the PIP medical benefit is limited to $2,500.  Another new change is that acupuncture and massage are no longer be covered by PIP.

Bottom line is if you’ve been in an auto accident, don’t delay seeing a doctor or you could lose out on $10,000 of medical care for your injuries.