Golf Cart Accident

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Golf carts are commonplace throughout Florida.  Golf clubs, neighborhoods, and even entire communities (such as The Villages, Ocean Reef Club and Brooksville) have adopted golf carts as the preferred mode of transportation.  While golf carts are fun and seem harmless they often share the roads with other golf carts, pedestrians, and motor vehicles.  Lack of seat belts, open sides, poor braking, too many passengers, sharp turns, sudden reversal, lack of maintenance, driver negligence, and uneven terrain can result in golf cart accidents that cause serious injury, or even death.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it’s estimated that over 15,000 golf cart related injuries happen every year . . .  and this number increases steadily every year. Studies show that golf cart accidents more frequently involve children 10-19 and adults 80+.  Fractures and head injuries were the most common types of golf cart accident injuries.

Types of Golf Cart Accident Cases

  • Trapped Under a Golf Cart
  • Golf Cart Rollovers
  • Golf Cart Collisions
  • Ejected Passengers


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