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Actual Client Rollover Accident

The majority of rollover accidents are solo vehicle crashes.  Because SUVs are top heavy and generally less stable than a car, they are twice as likely to be involved in a rollover accident.  Although rollover accidents are considered rare, they represent 1/3 of all motor vehicle fatalities.  In 2002, 61% of all deadly SUV accidents involved a vehicle rollover.  Wearing your seatbelt can significantly reduce your risk for severe injury and death.  In 2001, 78% of single vehicle rollover fatality victims were not wearing a seatbelt. Many of these victims were either partially or completely thrown from their car during the crash.

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There are two types of rollover accidents: tripping (the most common) and non-tripping.  A tripping accident is when a vehicle is rolls over after contact with a curb, low traffic barrier, or any type of tripping mechanism with enough lateral speed (i.e. a skidding car).  Non-tripping rollovers may be caused by swerving to avoid hitting an object, slippery road conditions, poorly designed roads, and/or vehicle/tire defects.

Head injuries, brain injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and crushed organs are all common in rollover injuries and can send you to the hospital for a long time.

Not only are you dealing with the complexities of your injuries, but you may also be worried about all the medical bills stacking up and, if you haven’t been able to return to work, the lack of a paycheck.  The stress and financial difficulties you are experiencing may be causing lack of sleep, depression, and/or anxiety.

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Actual Client Rollover Car Accident

At The Law Offices of Reese Harvey we have over 15 years of personal injury experience in Florida.  Call today to speak to an experienced, compassionate attorney.   As a victim or family member of a rollover accident, you may be entitled to money for your injuries or the wrongful death of your family member.  As your legal advocate we will do everything we can to take the stress of your case off you so you can begin to heal from the accident.



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