how much is my personal injury case worthWhat Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?


During your initial consultation we will give you a general idea what your personal injury case is worth; however the final value of your case is dependent on many factors that may not be known at this initial meeting and may change over the course of your claim. Two important factors are 1) the amount of money available through the insurance policies and 2) the final cost of your medical bills. It is common for injuries to worsen weeks or even months after your accident. In the early stages of your claim the full extent of your injuries is unclear making it difficult to know the medical treatment your injuries will require. Examples of typical medical treatments include hospital visits, doctor visits, physical/occupational/speech therapy, injection therapy, and surgery.

Additionally, every insurance company takes their own approach to valuing and processing insurance claims. After over 16 years practicing personal injury law, Attorney Reese Harvey knows the inner workings of each insurance company. He is skilled at presenting your evidence to the insurance companies so they understand the full extent of your injuries, and he knows the best time to seek a settlement or set a case for trial – both of which are important in order to get the most money your injuries.


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