Workplace Injury Accidents

lawyer accident at workThere are two kinds of workplace injuries: traumatic and repetitive.  Traumatic injuries are accidental, and the injuries themselves are usually obvious (i.e. lower back injury, broken or sprained knee, foot, or ankle, strained neck, shoulder injury, a laceration, electrical burns, and head injury).  Of all traumatic injuries, lower back pain is the most common.  Repetitive injuries are caused by overuse, poor mechanics or poor technique.  You may already be familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Other types of repetitive injuries are rotator cuff tendonitis and tennis elbow.

Contact with objects and equipment is the leading cause of workplace injuries to full-time workers, and car accidents are the leading cause of workplace deaths.  If you have been injured at work it’s likely you need, and may have already received, medical care and have missed many days of work.  Call us at The Law Offices of Reese Harvey to determine what type of case you have (worker’s comp and/or personal injury) and fight to get all the money available to you for your injuries.



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